Everything a groom, groomsman, or wedding guest needs to know.

Whether it’s your wedding or a good friend or family member’s big day, you want to put your best foot forward — and that means putting the best socks on your feet, too!

Most guys have at least a few dressy outfits that they can wear as a guest, and groomsmen will often rent their tuxes to get everything nicely matching. But take a look at what comes with both of those outfits: Dress shirts, slacks, a jacket for groomsmen, and a nicely polished pair of shoes.

What’s missing? Underwear, sure — but we sure hope you have some of those already. What’s really missing is a pair of wedding dress socks to complete your outfit and help you look your best.

Having been every party involved (groom, groomsman, and guest), we’re in a good place to share our sock-picking experience with you. So without further ado, let’s get into the details of choosing the best dress socks for whoever’s wedding you’re going to.

Wedding Dress Socks for the Groom

When every detail counts, choosing the right socks for your suit is essential — and believe us, on your wedding day every single detail counts (and if you don’t believe us just ask your bride-to-be).

The classic groom’s attire is a full black tuxedo with a vest, white shirt, and bow tie. A truly traditional groom’s suit will have tails too, but many modern weddings stick with a shorter tuxedo jacket.

To completely match with this classic attire, you need a pair of black dress socks. Our black merino wool over the calf dress socks are perfect for weddings in temperate weather, while our black cotton over the calf dress socks might be a better choice in warmer climes.

black over the calf dress socks for wedding

Thinking about branching out from a black tux? We’ve still got you covered. If you’re wearing the next most popular suit color — grey — then check out our explainer on what color socks to wear with a grey suit. Or if you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your suit and tie, why not try on a pair of our American flag dress socks for size?

Wedding Dress Socks for Groomsmen

As the groomsman in a wedding, it’s your duty and responsibility to support your friend as he embarks on this huge new adventure in life. As mentioned earlier, your suit will probably be rented and include almost everything you need.

But let us tell you, the socks that come with a groomsman’s outfit — if they provide a pair at all — are far from being comfortable and stylish. They’ll do in a pinch, sure. But if you’re planning ahead of time anyway, why not get matching socks for the entire groom’s party?

American flag wedding dress socks

There are actually quite a few different options for groomsmen’s socks, including matching the color of the bridesmaids’ dresses. We’ve covered all that in detail in our guide to the top 5 socks for groomsmen, so go check that out to get up to speed before the big day.

Wedding Dress Socks for Guests

Guests to a wedding — even a completely formal affair — have a lot more latitude with what they choose to wear. But there’s one thing that’s non-negotiable for any guy attending a wedding: Dress socks are a must, so leave your crew cut athletic socks at home.

At this point, you can go with any of our over the calf dress socks or mid-calf dress socks. Classic black or navy blue socks are always an easy go-to, but if you’re wearing something a little bit more original then read our guide to matching your dress socks, shoes, and pants. That will give you everything you need to look your best in the couple’s wedding photos.

black dress socks with red polka dots for wedding

There’s just one potential exception here. If you’re attending a wedding in the heat of the summer, at a more casual outdoor venue, a good pair of no show socks will work wonders. Pair that with loafers or boat shoes, and you’ll stay cool and comfortable while still being able to dance long into the night.

What’s Next?

There you have it! Everything you need to know to keep your feet comfortable and your outfit stylish for the next wedding you attend, even if it’s your own.

We’d also like to throw out there that a gift box of our top quality dress socks is a fine groomsmen's gift — and it has the added bonus of making sure that every groomsman will have perfectly matching socks, too.

Shop Boardroom Socks

And if you have any other questions about your wedding dress socks that haven’t been answered here, go take a look at our comprehensive guide on how to buy dress socks, then pair that up with the color and style advice given here.

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