5 Best Wedding Socks for Groomsmen

On your big day, the small details matter. When it comes to picking out the right socks for your groomsmen, we believe your best friends deserve the best socks. This article will first showcase five popular wedding sock ideas, followed with an in-depth guide on how to choose the right sock to meet the needs of you and your groomsmen. Let's dive in!

1. Make a Statement with Your Wedding Socks 

Traditionally, socks are one of the few areas of the groom and groomsmen’s attire where they are able to express their personality. For veterans, first responders and other patriotic grooms, American flag dress socks can be a great way to make a statement. These dress socks are proudly Made in USA, making them even more ideal for your patriotic groomsmen.

groomsmen posing wearing American flag dress socks

These particular groomsmen socks are recommended by renowned wedding planning website The Knot and have been worn by grooms and groomsmen in countless weddings. Depending upon your personal preferences, Boardroom Socks offers these wedding socks in both mid-calf and over the calf lengths.

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2. Black Socks for Your Black Tie Wedding 

If your wedding will be a formal affair, you can’t go wrong with black wedding socks. Black dress socks are the perfect complement to a tuxedo or dark suit; they will create a smooth transition from your trousers to your shoes that visually elongates your legs and makes you appear taller.

black dress socks for groomsmen

While mid-calf length dress socks are certainly an option, over the calf is the preferred length when it comes to dress socks for groomsmen. If solid black is too conservative for you, we also have a range of black patterned dress socks.

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3. Match Your Groomsmen’s Socks to Bridesmaids’ Dresses

Another interesting idea is to coordinate the color of your groomsmen’s socks with the color of the bridesmaid’s dresses. This can neatly tie together the wedding party’s outfits while also making for some fun photos!

red dress socks for groomsmen matching bridesmaid dresses

Your bride likely has several colors and color themes picked out for the big day; see if there is an interesting way to combine these with your wedding socks.

4. Choose a Color with Meaning

Is there a particular color that has special meaning to the two of you? Did the two of you meet in college? Your school color could be a great idea for the color of your wedding socks! Does your bride have a favorite color? If so, that might make the perfect color of sock for you and your groomsmen.

purple dress socks for groomsmen

Beyond personal meaning, every color also has a traditional symbolic meaning. For example, the color purple is frequently associated with romance and is a very popular color for springtime weddings. Purple wedding socks also have the added benefit of looking fantastic with many of the darker colors traditionally found in men’s suits.

5. Cool Off with No-Show Socks

Is your wedding a casual outdoors event in the middle of summer? If so, no-show socks might be the perfect wedding sock for you and your groomsmen. At Boardroom Socks our no-show dress socks are knit with a lightweight merino wool which makes them soft and breathable.

Designed to be worn with loafers and dress shoes, these no-show socks will enable your groomsmen to sport the stylish “sockless” look without forgoing the comfort of socks. Given how much dancing will be going on, you certain don't want blisters and hotspots to keep your groomsmen off the dance floor!

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I hope the above suggestions were helpful and inspiring! This list shows only a fraction of our collection, so be sure to shop our entire collection of dress socks for weddings. The remainder of the article continues below with our three step process for narrowing down the best wedding dress socks.

How to Choose the Best Socks for Groomsmen 

You want to ensure that your groomsmen are as comfortable as they are stylish, which makes choosing the best wedding socks an important decision. The second half of this article outlines the three steps we recommend 

Step 1: What Length of Sock?

The first step in picking the best socks for groomsmen involves selecting the right length of sock. Men's dress socks come in two lengths: mid-calf and over the calf. Mid-calf dress socks reach approximately halfway up a man's calf while over the calf dress socks fully cover a man's leg and reach up to the knee.

Mid-calf length socks are a more contemporary, casual type of dress sock. If you find a shorter sock to be more comfortable, this could be the best option for you. The main drawbacks to this length are that they do not cover as much of your leg and that they do not stay up as well as a knee-high dress sock.

In men's formalwear, over the calf socks are the most popular length. First, this type of sock fully covers the leg. Whether you and your groomsmen are seated or dancing the night away, your pant legs will inevitably rise up. If your socks are too short, your bare leg will be exposed - a faux-pas in men's fashion. The second reason over the calf dress socks are preferred for formalwear is their ability to stay up all day long. On your big day, you want to focus on celebrating with friends and family, not pulling up your sagging socks.

Step 2: Select the Right Material

If your wedding will be occurring in the fall or winter, you may want to consider merino wool dress socks for your groomsmen. In addition to literally ensuring you and groomsmen avoid getting cold feet, merino wool will also keep your feet dry. During what will surely be a long day involving lots of standing, dancing and walking, this material will keep you comfortable.

For outdoor weddings during the spring and summer, you should consider cotton dress socks for groomsmen. This material feels a little lighter in the hottest months, while still providing a level of breathability to ensure you and your groomsmen stay cool and comfortable.

Step 3: Choose Your Style

Are you looking for bright, colorful socks to make a statement? Or do you need more classic, formal dress socks for a black tie wedding? Black dress socks are always appropriate and would be a can't-miss option. If you prefer to color outside of the lines, opt for a brighter solid color such as purple or red. You can also go with a patterned style such as our American flag dress socks.

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I hope this article has been informative. If you have any questions or need help picking out dress socks for your wedding, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can be reached via email at service@boardroomsocks.com or toll-free at 855-379-SOCK.

Nathan James
Nathan James

CEO, Boardroom Socks

Nathan's favorite dress socks are our burgundy merino wool socks. You will also frequently find him wearing our new no-show socks with loafers. Outside of the office he enjoys fishing, reading and exploring Charlotte.

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