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What Socks Do I Wear with a Grey Suit?

Grey suits are a wardrobe staple for men and are perfect for both formal and casual wear. In this article, we’ll provide you with in-depth information on properly matching socks, shoes and grey suits so that you can look your best.

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What Color Socks Go with a Grey Suit and Brown Shoes?
What Color Socks Go with a Grey Suit and Black Shoes?
How Do I Match Socks to a Patterned Grey Suit?
Can I Wear Colorful Dress Socks with a Grey Suit?

Some of our favorite sock colors to wear with a grey suit are shown in the graphic below.

what color dress socks go with a grey suit

What Color Socks Go with a Grey Suit and Brown Shoes?

Brown dress shoes have become increasingly popular in recent years and pairing them with a grey suit can create an elegant look. Some of our favorite combinations are highlighted in the graphic below.

matching sock colors with a grey suit and brown shoes

Keep in mind that light grey suits are worn more casually in the spring and summer while dark grey suits are more formal and frequently worn in fall and winter. Generally speaking, lighter grey suits should be worn with lighter brown shoes. For more information on wearing brown dress shoes, see our in-depth discussion on sock colors for brown shoes.

What Color Socks Go with a Grey Suit and Black Shoes?

Many of the same sock colors that you would combine with a grey suit and brown dress shoes will also work with black dress shoes. A major exception to this would be the earthy tones of brown, olive and khaki; these should strictly be worn with brown shoes.

sock colors that go with a grey suit and black shoes

How Do I Match Socks to a Patterned Grey Suit?

If your grey suit has a pattern such as windowpane or glen check, you’ll need to be particularly careful when choosing the right pair of socks. The simplest approach is to only include a pattern in one part of your outfit; wear solid-colored socks with a patterned suit and vice versa.

wear solid colored socks with a patterned grey suit

While we don’t typically recommend wearing patterned socks with patterned pants, the below outfit works well because of the coordinating orange color found in both the suit and the socks.

patterned grey suit with patterned navy dress socks

Grey Dress Socks with Grey Suits

If you’re going for a full-blown professional look, opting for grey on grey is the way to go. Grey socks are a foolproof way to evoke true professionalism when paired with a matching grey men’s suit.

matching grey dress socks to a grey suit

When it comes to formal settings, one general rule of thumb is to match your socks with your suit. For instance, if you are wearing a dark grey suit, the color of your socks should also be dark grey or charcoal (depending on the shade of your suit). Sticking with one color palette creates a smooth visual line from your trousers to your shoes.

Regardless of the color socks you choose to go with your grey suit, proper styling is key. One important style tip is to make sure that the length of your socks is long enough to cover the parts of your leg that may be exposed when you sit and cross your legs. Over-the-calf socks are a great option for this.

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Navy Socks with Grey Suits

Many different shades of blue go well with grey suits and that includes navy. Whether your suit is light grey or dark grey, navy men’s dress socks can make for a very sharp look. Try experimenting with different patterns or sticking to a solid navy men’s dress sock.

navy dress socks with a grey suit and brown dress shoes


Navy dress socks are versatile; when paired with grey suits, they can be great for anything from informal, laidback events to business dinner parties.

Wearing a Grey Suit with Colorful Dress Socks

Men’s grey suits look sharp on their own, but some may feel that an all grey slate can leave them looking one-dimensional. To spice up your look, try pairing your light or dark grey suit with fun, yet professional, socks.

ideas for matching colorful socks with a grey suit

Turquoise, red and purple socks can brighten up any suit in a sophisticated and fashionable way. Try coordinating brighter solid-color socks with a well-tailored grey suit and you’ll make a strong fashion statement.

Socks as an afterthought? Not anymore! Your socks can take center stage in the most tasteful of ways if done correctly. High-quality men’s dress socks can make all the difference in a guy’s outfit. Dress up any grey suit with the colorful hues of Boardroom Socks. Fun and fashionable, our socks are the go-to way to accessorize your grey suit.

Parting Thoughts on Matching Socks with Your Grey Suits

Grey suits are a staple in many men’s closets. Versatile and neutral, grey complements most other colors. In order to look your best while adding a pop of color, try some of the pairing options suggested in this article next time you don your grey suit.

Men’s dress socks are a great way to add personality and depth to your outfit and style. While it is always a great idea to coordinate with the colors in your outfit, feel free to play around with creative and unique colors and patterns as well. With so many options available, Boardroom Socks offers a wide variety of ways to enhance your wardrobe!

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