by Nathan James April 02, 2021

Gentlemen setting out into the professional, working world on the right foot need to look the part. Style is in the details, which is why it is important for every element of an outfit to be as neat and put together as possible. Knowing how to properly fold and organize socks is essential for maintaining a smart overall appearance. Prevent creases and wrinkles in socks by learning how to fold and organize your socks. Not only will guidance on folding socks help keep the socks themselves ingreat shape, but these tips will also make it easier to quickly grab any pair of socks to complete your outfit.


Folding men’s dress socks requires a bit more finesse than would be necessary for folding a pair of casual men’s socks. Dress socks’ fine detailing and material means they run the risk of getting wrinkled or creased if folded incorrectly. The first rule of thumb to remember when folding men’s dress socks is to NOT use the top elastic band to keep them together, as it may stretch the top band and impact the quality of the fit. This is true for both mid-calf and over the calf dress socks. The six main steps for folding men’s dress socks include:

  1. Lay out the socks on a flat surface
  2. Place on sock on top of the other and make sure that they are perfectly aligned
  3. Point the toes toward you and the heels pointing up
  4. Fold the cuffs of the socks toward the toes about 1/3 of the length 
  5. Repeat this but bring the toes back toward the cuffs 1/3 of the way
  6. Tuck the toes into the elastic band at the top of the folded cuff

The pair of socks should look flat and square. They are now ready to go into your sock drawer.


How to Fold and Organize Your Socks

There are many different ways to store and organize men’s dress socks. Depending on the size of your sock drawer, you may choose to either store your socks inside a sock drawer with sock dividers, organize socks in a sock drawer without dividers, or even use a sock basket for storing socks.

Proper organization is especially key if you choose to store your socks in a sock drawer. A few things to consider when laying out your sock drawer is the size of your socks, the number of socks you own, and the thickness of the men’s dress socks. It is best to keep socks of the same material grouped together. For example, have one section of your drawer dedicated toMerino Wool dress socks and another dedicated toPima Cotton men’s dress socks. From there, some men choose to color coordinate or assemble their sock drawer by patterns. While there is no one correct way to organize a sock drawer, the main thing to remember is that neatness is paramount. Using dividers or drawer separators may be helpful for keeping socks in their place and maintaining an overall great appearance once you complete your outfit.

Nathan James
Nathan James

CEO, Boardroom Socks

Nathan's favorite dress socks are our burgundy merino wool socks. You will also frequently find him wearing our new no-show socks with loafers. Outside of the office he enjoys fishing, reading and exploring Charlotte.

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