Here at Boardroom Socks, we’ve made it easy for men everywhere to wear American-made dress socks that look great, feel great, and are available at a fair price.

That’s mainly been focused around our popular over-the-calf socks — and while they’re certainly a workplace staple, we know those long socks can start to feel stifling when summer’s heat is really getting into gear.

To that end, we decided it was time to make the best no-show socks for men. And just like our longer formal socks, we’ve put a whole lot of attention to detail into every aspect of our no-show socks.

So in this guide we’ll introduce you to the no-show sock style, with an explanation of what they are, how to wear them, why so many other brands of no-show socks will slip off of your feet at a moment’s notice — and why ours are different. Let’s jump right in.

What Are no-show Socks?

As you might expect from their name, no-show socks are socks that don’t show outside of your shoe while you’re wearing them. That means they’re much shorter and smaller than athletic socks, crew socks, ankle socks, and dress socks.

grey no show socks for men with dark jeans and dressy sneakers

The best no-show socks for men are designed to hug snugly to your feet. So why wear them anyway if you’re not even going to be able to see them? Because even a small layer of material between your sweaty feet and your nice shoes will make you more comfortable — and it’ll keep your shoes in better shape for longer, too.

How to Wear no-show Socks

Unless you’re trying to be really daring with your style, no-show socks are more of a casual option than longer dress socks.

In other words, you don’t necessarily want to wear no-show socks with your dress shoes. Instead, try wearing them with a casual pair of loafers or boat shoes. That’s a good look, and it’s also cool and comfortable when the weather outside is heating up.

Our no-show socks are particularly nice if you’re attending a summer wedding, too. Paired with a nice set of loafers or boat shoes, they’ll keep you looking great and protect your shoes from the sweat you work up out on the dance floor.

When to Wear no-show Socks

No-show socks are great in just about any casual setting (but not formal ones). So the best time to wear them is as soon as the weather starts to turn hot — they’re perfect for days at the beach, tailgating season, and backyard barbecuing.

tan no show socks for men worn with brown leather boat shoes

How to Keep no-show Socks from Slipping

The most common complaint you’ll hear about no-show socks is this: They always slip off of your heels, and end up bunching up inside your shoes. There’s hardly a feeling worse than that, especially when it’s the middle of the summer and your feet are hot and sweaty already.

But there’s really only one magic bullet for how to keep no-show socks from slipping: Buy the right socks in the first place. If your no-show socks aren’t made specifically to keep from slipping off of your heel, there’s really nothing you can do about it.

This Is What Makes Our no-show Socks Special

And that slipping problem is exactly why we put so much work into refining and redesigning our no-show socks for men. Ours really are no slip no-show socks, and here’s why:

  • First, we put a silicone heel grip in every pair of no-show socks. Without this, a pair of no-show socks is basically guaranteed to fall off of your heel with even the slightest provocation.
  • Next, we make sure to use a full-coverage, continuous elastic welt around the ankle. That helps the socks to grip snugly but comfortably, giving you another line of defense against slippage.
  • Lastly, we make all of our no-show socks for men with custom made high-stretch yarns. That means they do a better job of gripping your foot all over — giving the double benefit of a refined fit and feel as well as anti-slip coverage.

You really can’t go wrong with any of the four colors we offer for our no-show socks, so grab yourself a 2-pack and see the difference that attention to detail and quality USA manufacturing makes.

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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff

Our editorial staff is comprised of menswear experts dedicated to providing you with helpful information. Sharing everything from style tips to sock care instructions, these gentlemen are a wealth of knowledge for both our customers and the Boardroom Socks team.

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