If you’re getting dressed up in a black suit, you might be wondering what color socks to wear. Before diving into specific color recommendations, always keep in mind the occasion that you’re dressing for. Are you heading to a funeral or another somber event? If so, stick to conservative sock colors. If you’re dressing for a casual day at the office, feel free to branch out a bit.

What color socks go with black suits?

Top 5 Sock Colors for Black Suits

Without further ado, here are the top sock colors to wear with a black suit:

1. Black Socks with a Black Suit

black dress socks with a black suit

The general rule of thumb is to match your socks with your pants, making black dress socks the perfect color of socks to go with your black suit. You can never go wrong with this monochromatic combination for a clean, professional appearance.

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Beyond looking sharp, this monochromatic ensemble will create a smooth transition between your shoes and your pants, visually elongating your legs and making you appear taller. Black dress socks are such a natural fit with black suits that they are also frequently referred to as black suit socks.

2. Grey Socks with a Black Suit

patterned grey socks with a black suit

If you’d like to wear something other than black suit socks while still keeping it tonal, opt for grey dress socks. Within the grey family of colors, everything from light grey heathers to darker charcoals will be excellent sock colors for your black suits. If you prefer to add a pop such as the socks shown above, sprinkle in a splash of color with patterns.

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Can You Wear Colorful Socks with a Black Suit?

Absolutely. The best thing about black is that it goes with virtually every color. If the situation is appropriate, don’t be afraid to add a pop of color. This can be tastefully accomplished with either patterned dress socks or bolder solid colors such as those shown below.

3. Red Socks for Black Suits

bright red dress socks with a black suit

If you’re not afraid of a little pizazz, wear red socks with your black suit. While not for the fainthearted, these socks still look very tasteful and don’t have to be relegated to the back of your sock drawer until the holidays.

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4. Purple Socks with a Black Suit

purple over the calf dress socks for a black suit

Another colorful sock choice for black suits is purple. Darker shades of purple will be more subtle while lighter and brighter shades will be more bold.

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5. Light Blue Socks with a Black Suit

light blue dress socks for men

Rounding out our top five colors of socks for a black suit is light blue. Light blue dress socks are another great option as they strike the balance between subtlety and style.

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If you decide to add a splash of color to your outfit but need further tips and inspiration, be sure to read our article on how to wear colorful dress socks.

Black Suit with No Socks?

We sometimes get asked if it is permissible to wear a black suit with no socks. While the “sockless” look has exploded in popularity and may be appropriate for certain occasions, we highly recommend that you don’t actually go sockless. Not wearing socks can cause premature wear in your dress shoes and also lead to podiatric health issues.

Instead, wear no-show socks. These provide the best of both worlds; enabling you to achieve the “sockless” look while enjoying all the health and comfort benefits of wearing socks.

Choose the Right Shoes

avoid wearing brown shoes with black suits

After putting on your black suit and selecting the right pair of socks, all that’s left is picking out a pair of dress shoes. When donning a black suit, avoid brown shoes and instead stick to black. For additional tips, be sure to read our guide to black dress shoes.

Need Additional Advice?

I hope that the above information has been helpful! If you need further assistance in picking out socks for your black suit, please feel free to contact us. For advice on your other suit colors, be sure to read the articles below:

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