by Nathan James February 22, 2019

Tired of Your Dress Socks Falling Down?

Dress socks that won’t stay up are aggravating. Not only is it uncomfortable when socks slide down into your shoes, but constantly bending over to pull them up is a pain. Our hosiery experts put together this article to explain why your dress socks are falling down and how you can keep them up.

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What Makes Over the Calf Dress Socks Stay up All Day?

The two factors responsible for keeping dress socks up throughout the day are the length of the socks and the yarns used in their manufacture.

Over the Calf Length

If you are not used to wearing over the calf socks, their length may at first be slightly overwhelming; however, this is a key reason why they stay up on your leg throughout the day. As the name implies, these socks rest over the calf and just below the knee. At this length, the calf acts as an anchor to prevent the socks from sagging and sliding down the leg. Due to their length, over the calf socks are also referred to as long socks, tall socks, above the calf socks, or knee high socks.

Over the Calf Length SocksOver the calf length socks should sit just below the knee and above the calf, helping to anchor them on your leg.

Quality Yarns

In addition to the length of the sock, the yarns used in the knitting process also play a large role in enabling them to stay up. Years ago, sock garters were quite popular as a tool to keep socks up; however, modern elastic yarns have largely eliminated this trend. The key with utilizing elastic yarns in sock manufacturing is using just enough to comfortably keep the socks up while not using so much as to make the socks excessively tight.

Over the Calf Dress Socks Yarn FibersPremium yarns are the foundation of a great pair of socks, leading to improved comfort and durability.

Do Boardroom Socks’ Over the Calf Dress Socks Stay Up?

We consistently receive feedback from customers that our over the calf dress socks stay up all day, and we believe this is attributed to our yarn expertise, the design of our socks, and our American knitting partners.

Our Yarn Expertise

Our founding principals have over 40 years of global yarn acquisition experience, providing us with an in-depth knowledge of the finest materials to create a premium pair of over the calf dress socks that stay up. In addition to thoroughly understanding the nuances of a variety of fibers, our team’s industry relationships enable us to source the finest yarns at the best prices. In turn, this allows us to provide you with a premium product for a reasonable price.

Design of Our Socks

The design of our socks is another factor responsible for ensuring that our over the calf dress socks stay up. Our solid-colored socks are designed in a ribbed style which, in addition to adding texture to the socks, also acts almost like an accordion to help pull the socks in.

Our American Knitting Partners

Our American knitting partners are another key component in ensuring that our over the calf dress socks stay up. Each of the manufacturers that we work with are based in North Carolina and are multi-generation family businesses. These artisans are true craftsmen that take tremendous pride in carrying on our region’s history of providing high quality textiles. Prior to shipment, each pair of socks is hand-inspected before leaving our facility.

Dress Socks Made in the USABehind-the-scenes with one of our knitting partners in rural North Carolina.

The Importance of Quality Yarns in Keeping Socks up All Day

Constantly having to pull your socks up can be quite frustrating, and men have gone to great efforts to combat this issue. Spandex, also known as elastane, is the elastic fiber used in the top band of a pair of socks and is largely responsible for a sock’s elasticity.


As previously mentioned, the key with utilizing elastic yarns in sock manufacturing is using just enough to comfortably keep the socks up while not using too much so as to make the socks excessively tight. This balance is struck by utilizing both a certain type of spandex as well as a certain amountof spandex. The type of spandex is primarily denoted by the denier of yarn. Denier refers to the thickness of the fiber, with a higher denier constituting a thicker fiber and a lower denier yielding a thinner fiber. After determining the ideal denier of spandex, the next question is how much spandex to use in the socks. Again, too much spandex feels restrictive and uncomfortable, while not using enough spandex will enable the socks to fall down.

Stretch Nylon

In addition to spandex, nylon is another fiber that adds elasticity to a sock, enabling it to stay up. Nylon in socks is sometimes referred to as “stretch nylon” due to this elasticity. Most socks are knit to fit a range of shoes sizes (i.e. US shoe sizes 8-12) and it is the nylon component of a sock that enables it to fit so many different sized feet. In addition to its form-fitting properties, the elasticity of nylon allows it to adhere to the leg and further ensure that the socks stay up.

Why Wear Over the Calf Dress Socks?

If you’re looking for dress socks that stay up, we highly recommend that you try over the calf dress socks. In addition to their ability to stay up throughout the day, over the calf dress socks are also highly recommended for men because they fully cover a man’s leg. When seated or crossing your legs, it is viewed as a faux pas for bare, hairy legs to be shown. An over the calf dress sock that stays up eliminates this issue, ensuring that your legs are consistently covered throughout the day.

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