I have a confession to make... I am writing this article with my proverbial hat in my hand; Boardroom Socks is one of the largest online sellers of knee high socks for men and, as CEO of the company, I had never worn a pair of knee-high socks until joining our family business!

While I may have been late to the party, I’m certainly glad I pulled on that first pair and haven’t looked back since. Because you’re reading this article, my guess is you already know that this length of sock is fantastic but what are the best knee high socks for men?

What are the Best Knee High Socks for Men?

We believe black, ribbed, merino wool over the calf socks are the best knee high socks for men; in addition to being comfortable, they are also one of the most versatile and stylish pairs of socks a man can own.

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First, merino wool is the perfect material because it is soft and breathable. Your feet contain more sweat glands than any other part of your body and no fabric does a better job of managing this moisture and keeping your feet dry than merino wool.

Ribbed knee-high socks are ideal from a style perspective because they are so versatile; you can dress them up with a suit just as easily as you can dress them down with jeans and a pair of loafers. Beyond pure aesthetics, this vertical ribbing also provides the socks with additional stretch that ensures a comfortable fit that hugs your leg. Finally, knee socks for men in a ribbed knit style will do a better job of staying up; the ribbing helps to pull the socks in and keep them up above your calf.

While we offer a wide variety of colors and styles, we find that black is a sock drawer workhorse because it simply goes with everything. Whether accompanying professional attire in a business setting, formalwear at special events, or even casual weekend wear, men’s black knee high socks will always look sharp.

I hope the above information helps you find the best knee-high socks to meet your needs. Continue reading below for answers to some of the most common questions around knee socks for men. The end of the article also contains a list of additional resources that you may find helpful.

Why Do Men Wear Knee-High Socks?

Simply put, men wear knee-high socks because they comfortably stay up all day. Are you tired of pulling up your slipping, sagging socks? Have you ever committed the fashion faux pas of revealing your bare hairy leg when crossing your legs at a business function? If either of these apply to you, it’s time to make the switch to knee high dress socks.

Men’s knee high dress socks are able to stay up primarily due to their length, which we’ll fully detail below. As they rest fully above the calf and just below the knee, your calf acts as an anchor to prevent the socks from sliding down your leg. Shorter lengths of socks succumb to gravity because there isn’t a physical barrier that prevents them from slipping.

Another reason why men wear knee-high socks is because they fully cover the leg. In the world of menswear, it is considered a faux pas to expose your bare leg when wearing pants. This is particularly true in business settings or other professional environments. When you are seated or crossing your legs your pants will inevitably rise and, if you are wearing short socks, your bare leg will be exposed. Wearing knee socks for men will help you avoid this fashion mistake.

How Long are Knee High Socks?

As the name implies, knee-high socks for men should fully reach above the calf and rest just below the knee. The standard length for this style of sock is eighteen inches, however, extended sizes of over the calf socks can be slightly longer to accommodate men with longer legs.

how long are knee high socks for men

What are Knee-High Socks Called?

One of the most common names for knee length socks is “over the calf” as this type of sock will fully cover a man’s calf. You may also hear them referred to as above the calf, OTC, knee-highs or executive length.

Can Men Wear Knee-High Socks?

I was surprised at just how frequently questions like this have been asked across the internet. Are knee-high socks feminine? Absolutely not! Over the calf, knee-high dress socks for men have long been a core style of hosiery for gentlemen. For all of the reasons mentioned above, over the calf socks are really considered the only appropriate length of sock for formal occasions.

What are the Warmest Knee High Socks?

Men’s knee high wool socks are going to be the warmest style of over the calf socks. While merino wool does breathe to help keep your feet cool in warm weather, it also helps to retain body heat in cold weather. My dad aptly refers to merino wool as Mother Nature’s heating and cooling system; it really is unrivaled in terms of comfort and performance.

Can I Wear Men’s White Knee High Socks?

You’ve likely heard that men should never wear white socks outside of the gym. While there is some truth to these sentiments, this fashion “rule” really only applies to white athletic socks. You can absolutely wear white dress socks with loafers or other styles of dress shoes. White dress socks look fantastic with light-colored pants during the warmer months and they are actually one of our best-selling socks during the summer.

Where Should I Shop for Knee High Men’s Socks?

While I am certainly a little biased, Boardroom Socks specializes in men’s knee high socks. In fact, my dad started the company back in 2010 when he could no longer find the classic, American-made over the calf socks that he had worn for decades.

Our selection includes men’s knee high cotton socks as well as merino wool. Whether you are searching for solid colors or men’s knee high socks with designs, Boardroom Socks has an extensive, ever-growing collection of over the calf socks. We release new colors and designs several times a year.

Robert from GentStyle filmed the above review of our over the calf socks after being introduced to our brand. Click above to watch the video and hear his thoughts.

I hope that this article has been helpful and informative. Should you have any questions or need assistance, we would love to hear from you. You may reach us via phone toll-free at 855-379-7625 or via email at service@boardroomsocks.com. Thank you for reading!

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Boardroom Socks is one of the largest American manufacturers of premium knee-high socks for men. Our mill produces a pair of men’s knee-high socks every four minutes and we have shipped hundreds of thousands of pairs all around the world. We are a small, family-owned company committed to providing you with premium socks that are as comfortable as they are stylish.

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