by Nathan James March 10, 2021

Men’s footwear, apparel, and accessories have been making serious strides in recent years in terms of originality, quality, and style. Now more than ever, the emphasis on men’s fashion has brought out some of the most well-dressed, stylish gentlemen. While this may seem effortless to some, the truth is that achieving these looks requires some serious skill. We are here to break down some of the basics for styling men’s dress socks to make it easy and simple to get the high class look you are going for. 

Simplicity is Key

While there are plenty of ways to style men’s accessories, especially dress socks, a great rule of thumb is to lead with simplicity. Gentlemen who are looking for basic guidance on styling men’s dress socks would do well to follow the tried-and-true rule of matching their socks with their trousers. Coordinating sock color with that of the trouser creates a seamless transition between the pant leg and the ankle, making men look taller and more put together. For example, pair a navy suit with a navy blue over the calf men’s dress sock and camel brown dress shoes, and you will be well on your way to winning style points at any event.

Black Dress Socks with Windowpane Trousers

Dress Socks and Dress Shoes

One of the key elements to getting sock styling right is footwear, namely dress shoes. The right dress sock can make all the difference in how a shoe fits and how a gentleman’s overall style is conveyed. That is why it is especially important to know how to coordinate dress socks for men with their dress shoes. Certain men’s dress shoes require thin dress sock materials, while others have room for a thicker knit. There are a variety of factors that go into determining the right way to style men’s socks with dress shoes. The material of a man’s dress shoe (leather, synthetic, etc.), as well as the rise and cut can all be determining factors for styling shoes with socks. For the perfect fit, consider doing some research on the make of your favorite dress shoe and look into whether there are any sock material recommendations available. This will help provide a better understanding of which dress shoes will go with which men’s dress socks.

Teal Dress Socks with Light Brown Dress Shoes and Jeans

Color and Men’s Dress Socks 

A pop of color in dress socks can be a great way to infuse style into any man’s outfit, but it must be done correctly. The best thing to do when working color into a look is to choose one accent color and work around it. Patterned socks are perfect for incorporating color into a look, as they often bring out one feature color against a solid background. Black socks with pink dots, for example, would go great with a black suit or black trousers. Fold a small pocket square into the breast of the suit jacket, and this outfit will immediately exude class and panache. 

Men who want to look and feel their best in high quality dress socks need look no further than Boardroom Socks. For additional insight on how to match men’s dress socks with shoes and pants, see our article on the topic here

Charcoal Merino Wool Dress Socks with Burgundy Dress Shoes and Plaid Trousers

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