Celebrating 10 Years - It All Started in the Attic

Celebrating 10 Years

When we first brainstormed starting Boardroom Socks, our discussions centered on the loss of dress socks made in North Carolina due to the shift of manufacturing out of the United States. How could we manufacture dress socks, of the quality and craftsmanship that this state has always been known for, and distribute them online and in retail stores to our customers? That germ of an idea in 2010 coupled with a lot of mistakes, hard work and sacrifice, developed into Boardroom Socks.

Our mission has remained consistent since our initial discussions over a decade ago: to provide consumers with unparalleled value by offering high quality dress socks made with premium materials, all for a great price.

Still Family Owned

We are a small, family-owned business and we believe that a family business is a special entity. Brewer Sierra Nevada says it best with the slogan printed on their cans: Family owned, operated and argued over. That’s it in a nutshell! While we may not always agree, each family member has unique skills and perspectives that add value to the company. 

Fortunately, we are collectively able to move forward by focusing on our number one goal: making quality socks manufactured here in the United States. Most of our key suppliers are family owned businesses with at least one generation actively involved in the day to day operations.

Humble Beginnings

We started Boardroom Socks in 2010 in the attic of our house with a very small line of black socks in mid-calf and over the calf lengths. Early in the business timeline, we suffered a major loss; our technical consultant, the architect of our website and a mentor on the technical side, passed away due to cancer. It took a while to right the ship after that.

Once sales began to grow, we expanded our product line by adding new colors and patterns, as well as a casual line. We were building out our product offerings and physically running out of space in the attic. During this time we continued to knit all of our socks here in North Carolina, and with Carol packing and shipping every order out of the house, the socks spilled out of the attic and into the living room and multiple bedrooms to keep up with sales volume. At our peak, we estimate we had 15,000 pairs of socks stored throughout parts of the house and the garage!

One Decade Down, Many More to Go!

While we no longer operate out of our home, we are still a small team and are staying true to our roots. We will continue to focus on the same mission that got us started over a decade ago - producing quality socks right here in North Carolina. Of course, without you we would not be here, so thank you for your continued support of our brand.

We are excited about the next decade and the challenges it will bring. We hope you will join us as the journey continues!

With our sincere gratitude,

The James Family & The Boardroom Socks Team


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