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A Family Tradition

Our story began seven generations ago in 1837. This was the year our family's original fabric mill in rural North Carolina opened, producing some of the first dyed and plaid fabrics in the southeastern United States. The below photograph, taken just a short decade after the advent of photography, captured the celebration of the mill’s grand opening.

BRS Family Mill

Grand opening of the family's first fabric mill, 1837

In the 1930’s, the family's expertise expanded internationally as relatives began supplying American hosiery manufacturers with luxurious Japanese silk. Prior to the commercialization of nylon, silk was essential in the manufacturing of women’s stockings. In the mid-20th Century, the business continued to evolve as the fifth and sixth generations entered the yarn brokerage business. Yarn brokers connect manufacturers with yarn suppliers around the world, an important role that enabled our family to establish relationships in virtually every facet of the textile industry.

Boardroom Socks Historical Stamps

Stamped business correspondence from Japan, circa 1930

As the turn of the century approached, textile manufacturing in the United States began a rapid decline. After mills closed throughout our region, we wanted to see local production return. From our experience working with textile professionals around the world, we have found that traditional American craftsmen represent some of the brightest minds in the business. Like our family, these experts combine tradition and technology to craft premium hosiery products.

That's why in 2010 when we decided to start Boardroom Socks, it was with a commitment that we would only knit our socks in the United States. Every pair of Boardroom Socks is knit and finished in North Carolina, just a short drive from the site where our fabric mill was built over 175 years ago. These deep North Carolina roots are why the state outline is included in our logo and stamped on each pair of socks.

Boardroom Socks Hosiery Mill

Behind-the-scenes with one of our knitting partners in rural North Carolina

What does all of this mean for you, the contemporary gentleman? It means that for 175 years we have been passionate about producing quality textiles. The expertise passed through our family gives us a unique ability to combine luxurious fibers with hardworking American craftsmen, enabling us to provide you with a superior dress sock.

Stamped Boardroom Socks
Our signature stamp, featuring the outline of North Carolina

The final step in our manufacturing process is to stamp the Boardroom Socks logo on the arch of one sock from each pair. This stamp represents our commitment to provide you with premium socks as well as premium service.

When you reach into the sock drawer for your favorite pair of Boardroom Socks, know that you are about to put on not only an outstanding pair of dress socks, but also a piece of American history.


What Makes Our Socks Different?

The journey to produce a pair of Boardroom Socks begins by leveraging our founding principals' forty years of yarn procurement experience. The pima cotton yarns that we use are spun using American-grown cotton, derived from farms across the southern and western United States. The premium merino wool yarns used in crafting our patterned and solid-colored wool socks are sourced from sheep around the globe.

Sock Knitting Machine

One of the traditional 168 needle knitting machines used to craft our wool socks

After beginning with the finest yarns, we take additional steps throughout the manufacturing process to ensure quality and longevity. To provide additional durability to our socks, we reinforce the heel and toe with an extra layer of yarn to prevent premature wear. We add in just the right amount of high strength spandex, ensuring the socks stay up on your leg throughout the day while maintaining a comfortable fit.

Knit with pride in North Carolina. Welcome to the Boardroom.

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