A Family Tradition

 BRS Family Mill

Grand opening of the family's first fabric mill, 1837

Our story began seven generations ago in 1837 when our ancestor opened the family's original fabric mill, producing some of the first dyed and plaid fabrics in the southeastern United States. In the 1930s, the family's expertise became international as relatives began supplying American hosiery manufacturers with luxurious Japanese silk. In the mid 20th Century, the business continued to evolve as additional generations entered the yarn brokerage business. A yarn broker is responsible for connecting manufacturers with suppliers around the world, enabling us to develop a global network. In 2010, our proprietors decided to capitalize on the family's vast network of international suppliers, American manufacturers, and hosiery designers to construct a superior line of men's dress socks.

Boardroom Socks Historical Stamps

Stamped correspondence from Japan, circa 1930

What does all of this mean for you, the contemporary professional? It means that for 175 years we have been passionate about producing quality textiles. Our unique ability to combine luxurious fibers from around the world with hardworking American craftsmen enables us to provide you with a superior dress sock. When you reach into the sock drawer for your favorite pair of Boardroom Socks, know that you are about to put on not only an outstanding pair of dress socks, but also a piece of American history. Click to Shop the Collection.

Dress Sock Drawer

A well-equipped sock drawer, featuring our solid and patterned socks