by Nathan James August 19, 2020

An over the calf sock is a sock measuring about 18 inches in length. Also known as knee-high socks or simply knee-highs, over the calf socks rest just below the knee. Over the calf socks offer versatility in terms of fashion as well as practicality. More mature customers may like them for their familiarity while others appreciate the uniqueness they bring to any outfit. Not only can over the calf socks be made to look fashion-forward and be functional, but they can also be helpful for individuals looking for a bit more modesty. 

The Practicality of Over the Calf Socks

Over the calf socks are some of the most practical and functional socks men turn to when looking to keep things professional and stylish. Over the calf socks from Boardroom Socks stay in place, eliminating the dreaded roll down that so many individuals experience with other socks. This makes over the calf socks great for men who regularly wear suits and dress pants. Less cumbersome than traditional socks, these socks hold up so guys won’t have to worry about constantly pulling up their socks at work, a dinner party, or a fancy event. 

Over the Calf Socks Look Sharp

Over the calf socks are a distinct choice for many men. When they choose to go with this type of sock, they’re probably looking to keep their style more clean-cut and modest. Men who do not want to show their leg skin or ankles are protected by the coverage over the calf socks provide. Any scars or marks on legs can be easily covered by wearing over the calf socks and no one will think twice about it. 

An over the calf sock is also a go-to choice for people attending formal events or those who find themselves in formal settings like presentations, meetings, events, and weddings. Socks that hit just below the knee give wearers a professional and tidy appearance, allowing them to be confident in whatever event they are attending without thinking about their apparel.

Benefits of Over the Calf Socks

While not all over the calf socks have built-in compression, some over the calf socks slightly hug the calf, offering a low-grade amount of natural compression. Compression socks are great for improving circulation and supporting vein health in the legs. True compression socks, like those made from medical device companies, are often over the calf socks specifically designed for people with the aforementioned conditions. Certain populations, like those with diabetes, benefit from this type of additional support. Boardroom Socks does not make medical compression over the calf socks, but our knee highs can help keep anyone comfortable and looking their best.

Practical, stylish, useful, and functional over the calf knee high socks are a solid choice for all men.  If you are interested in learning more about the over the calf socks from Boardroom Socks, feel free to explore our collection here.

Nathan James
Nathan James

CEO, Boardroom Socks

Nathan's favorite dress socks are our burgundy merino wool socks. You will also frequently find him wearing our new no-show socks with loafers. Outside of the office he enjoys fishing, reading and exploring Charlotte.

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