Now Available: Big and Tall Over the Calf Dress Socks

For gentlemen with shoe sizes 13 through 16, finding big and tall over the calf socks has become increasingly difficult as several manufacturers have begun phasing out extended sizes. The reasoning for this is unclear, but a logical assumption is a perceived lack of demand.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons recently released a study finding that the worldwide average shoe size for men falls between 9 and 12. The study found that American men have a slightly larger-than-average shoe size of 10.5. With these statistics in mind, many hosiery manufacturers produce socks to fit the most common size range of 9-12, leaving big and tall men with larger shoe sizes searching for options.  

The solution is a “king size” dress sock, which is the industry term used to describe men’s big and tall dress socks. We are excited to announce the launch of our king size collection, knit specifically for men in the 13 to 16 shoe size range. These socks are derived from our best-selling merino wool, over the calf line and available (to begin with) in black, dark navy and grey heather.

You can shop this new collection by clicking here.


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