There are routines baked into the ebb and flow of life that are almost a ritual – Sunday church is certainly one of them, with a chance for family time, reflection and of course, your Sunday best. Funnily enough, church socks don’t come up as often as it might seem, for as important as it is to put your best foot forward (literally and figuratively) every week.

Men’s socks for church aren’t quite as complicated as they might sound. Really, they’re dress socks, but with quality and comfort top of mind. Naturally, that’s something of a specialty of ours at Boardroom Socks, so let’s dive into what church socks for men can help you round out your next Sunday outfit with polish and style.

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What Are Church Socks?

While it might sound a touch more complicated than first expected, church socks are just like any high-quality pair of dress socks. That’s not unlike tuxedo socks, which are just dress socks, yet usually done up in a darker, dressy color. You’ll most commonly find mens church socks in traditional shades of black and white, the better to mix and match with a proper churchgoing outfit.

man crossing legs wearing outfit and black socks for church

While there’s some leeway based on the time of year (perhaps your outfit leans more towards khaki or lighter shades in the spring and summer), church socks men are often going to be more traditional. The construction and design is often the same, so think of men's church socks as like any other pair of essential dress socks.

What Socks Should Men Wear to Church?

When dressing for church, you’re likely opting for a look that’s understated, refined and appropriate for the situation, perhaps with a touch of personality via a pocket square or a watch. Your socks, on the other hand, should let the rest of your outfit do the talking. Church socks are at their best when they’re more minimal: We prefer a pair of black or white dress socks, in your choice of over the calf or mid-calf.

ribbed black dress socks for church

Think of church socks and dress socks almost interchangeably, but opt for a darker, more traditional color as you search for mens church socks. Over-the-calf socks might be your best bet, as you don’t want to show any leg as your pants naturally move when seated and standing up. And again, when in doubt, black dress socks – particularly in a comfortable fabric like merino wool – are always a wise move.

How to Find the Best Men’s Socks for Church

Since you’ve likely got a few other things on your mind as you prep for church (including getting the family out the door in time!), opt for traditional, crisp and classic dress socks as your church socks. Colors like black or white are traditional and time-honored, and made even better by soft, comfortable merino wool. An over-the-calf design provides maximum coverage with dress trousers, too.

Your men's church socks really are your go-to dress socks, but made all the better by a pairing with your absolute Sunday best. Luckily, we’ve got some pairs to help even out your sock drawer.

Ready to upgrade your Sunday socks?

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Nathan James
Nathan James

CEO, Boardroom Socks

Nathan is an eighth generation textile professional, passionate about producing quality hosiery right here in North Carolina. His favorite dress socks are our burgundy merino wool socks. You will also frequently find him wearing our no-show socks. Outside of the office he enjoys fishing, reading and exploring Charlotte with his wife, son and Golden Retriever.

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