by Carol James September 27, 2021

Whether you are shopping for your husband, father, son or friend, have you ever thought about how much time he spends wearing socks? Don’t let him settle for sagging, uncomfortable dress socks that need to constantly be pulled up and leave his feet hot and sweaty.

Give the gift of comfort and upgrade his sock drawer with Boardroom Socks. Our soft, breathable dress socks are designed to stay up all day and are crafted with the finest yarns, ensuring his feet stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

1. Dress Sock Gift Boxes: Gifting Made Easy

With a dizzying array of colors and styles at your fingertips, it can be daunting to pick out the right style of dress socks. Particularly when shopping for someone else, customers often ask us for pointers. The easiest way to gift dress socks is with one of our custom dress sock gift boxes.

sock gift box set for men

With these sock gift sets, our team has done all the work for you by picking out and prepackaging six of our best-selling styles. Available in a variety of lengths, colors and styles, we have options for every man's tastes. Both the socks and the box that they come tastefully arranged in are Made in the USA using the finest materials from around the world.

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2. Upgrade His Everyday Socks

Why not give the gift of everyday comfort? Sometimes the most appropriate sock gift is not bright patterns or colors, but styles that will be pulled from his sock drawer over and over. The three most classic menswear colors are black, grey and navy; these sock colors pair stylishly with virtually any trousers, jeans or chinos. Grey and navy dress socks also have the added benefit of coordinating with both black and brown dress shoes.

If you’re unsure of what to get, stick to the basics and he’ll get plenty of use out of them. After all, what man couldn’t use more black dress socks?

black and grey dress socks on a wooden table

3. Round Out His Sock Drawer

If he already has a drawer full of the classics, add a bit of color and style. For example, colors such as burgundy, purple, red, olive and khaki are all slightly off the well-trodden path of black, blue and grey. These colors are surprisingly versatile and will look sharp with most pants and shoes.

For a bolder yet polished look, opt for red or purple dress socks; both of these colors look fantastic with everything from suits to jeans.

man wearing purple dress socks with charcoal grey trousers

4. Give Him Something Different

The holiday season can be a great time to purchase patterned dress socks as a gift. These will add an element of color to a man’s sock drawer while maintaining a look that would be appropriate for most settings.

American flag dress socks for men

For the man with a drawer full of solid-colored socks, the holidays are a great time to freshen up his look with some patterned dress socks. Our American flag dress socks have long been our best-selling pattern.

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5. Get Ready for those Rescheduled Special Events

Is there a wedding, black tie event or other special occasion coming up on the calendar? As we emerge from the pandemic, there is a backlog of events and parties being rescheduled; don't let him wait until the last minute to find the perfect pair of socks!

Boardroom Socks is a great choice when it comes to socks for groomsmen. Whether the groomsmen will be wearing black socks with their matching tuxedos or they are looking to make a statement, our dress socks will keep them comfortable and stylish every step of the way.

dress socks for weddings and other special events

6. Give Him the Socks He Might Not Know He Needs

Depending upon what part of the world he lives in, no-show socks may not be appropriate around the holidays but he will undoubtedly find them to be handy when the weather is warm. If the gentleman you are shopping for wears boat shoes, loafers or other casual shoes, surprise him with our soft, merino wool no-show socks. He'll find that these socks not only keep him comfortable but also help extend the life of his shoes.

beige no-show socks for boat shoes

We recently heard from a customer who had to replace his boat shoes after every summer; they would get dirty and develop a raunchy odor following sock-less wear in the summer heat. After discovering our no-show socks, he said he has seen a marked improvement in not only his comfort but also the durability of his shoes.

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7. Make His Life a Little Easier with these Sock Accessories

We recommend using a sock laundry bag to help protect his socks in the laundry. Zippers, lint and rough fabrics that can damage socks are all kept at a safe distance when socks are enclosed in a laundry bag. Our American-made sock laundry bag is a small investment that will keep his socks looking great while ensuring they last as long as possible.

sock laundry bag for washing men's dress socks

We are excited to announce the release of our very own American-made metal shoe horn. This handy tool will make getting dressed just a little easier and faster to ensure his day gets started off on the right foot.

black metal shoe horn with red Boardroom Socks logo

The Last Minute Option: Gift Card

If you need a present ASAP and don't have time to wait for shipping, purchase a Boardroom Socks gift card. These are available in $25 increments and are delivered immediately via email. For a more personal presentation, simply print it off and enclose it with a card or special message.

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Still Need Some Direction? Read "How to Buy Dress Socks"

Continue reading below to find out why socks make such a good gift and how to go about ensuring you pick out the right ones.

Are Socks a Good Gift for Guys?

Absolutely! Why are socks the best gift for men? They are practical and tasteful for the recipient while also being easy for the individual giving the gift. Most clothing items come in a wide range of sizes and buying the wrong size can leave the recipient offended; the beauty of gifting socks is they are typically available in one size will likely fit the recipient.

Are Dress Socks a Good Holiday Gift for Men?

Fortune magazine shared the results of a recent study that showed 34% of Americans return gifts that they received over the holidays. Of those individuals who return gifts, 68% of them return clothing. Is this really surprising? Isn’t it hard enough to buy clothing even for yourself?

Clothing is very personal; not only are there a variety of sizes, shapes and fits to take into consideration, but there is a never ending assortment of styles and colors. No wonder so many clothing gifts are returned!

While we were unable to find any data on what percentage of returned apparel falls into the sock category, our guess is that the return rate is significantly lower than other categories of clothing. Why? Because socks are one of the easiest items of clothing to purchase for someone else:

  1. Odds are the socks you buy him are going to fit; unlike most other items of clothing, socks typically come in one size.
  2. Socks are extremely practical and something that most men wear every day. Treat him to comfortable socks that he'll get plenty of use out of.
  3. While style preferences for sweaters, shirts and other apparel can be highly subjective, it is much harder to go awry with socks.

With this in mind, purchasing dress socks as a gift for Christmas, Father’s Day or any other holiday is a great idea. If you need help figuring out where to start, be sure to read our guide on how to buy dress socks.

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Carol James

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