It might seem that your sock drawer is limited to only the classics in terms of color, like navy, black, charcoal or other shades of grey. Here at Boardroom Socks, our goal is to expand your mind – and your sock rotation – by diving into the plentiful world of options out there. Enter cream dress socks, which offer a nice change of pace in terms of color and style.

Although they might seem a touch too different at first glance, cream wool socks – like the two pairs we happen to sell – are a wise fit for the modern man who craves variety, comfort and long-lasting durability. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

What Are Cream Dress Socks?

Cream dress socks are a set of socks in a natural, neutral hue. They’re made minus the dye of other socks, quite literally offering a creamy color that’s a tasteful complement to trousers in plentiful colors (more on those in a moment). They even tend to look closer to off-white when worn on the leg, so they’re a change of pace in terms of style from dress socks in a deeper color.

cream wool dress socks worn with dark green slacks and polished cordovan penny loafers

Like other pairs of socks that the Boardroom team loves, we’ve put the focus on fabric and innovation. Or rather, innovation that’s both old and new at the same time. You see, natural merino wool (wool from Merino sheep found in New Zealand and elsewhere across the globe) has long been naturally insulating and moisture-wicking, based on the climate at hand. It’s also anti-microbial, breathable and durable. It makes for a fine pair of socks, especially cream wool socks.

Which Pair of Cream Dress Socks Is Right For Me?

Finding the right fabric is paramount when shopping for socks – as is the right length. We tend to think we know a thing or two about the best sock lengths, whether you’re shopping for cream wool socks or another variety from our lineup.

We offer two pairs: a mid-calf dress sock in cream with a 6x2-rib construction of the traditional variety, as well as an over the calf dress sock in cream with the same 6x2 build.

mid-calf and over the calf length cream wool dress socks

Our over the calf length is our most traditional, with a design that ensures maximum coverage and a stay-put fit (although our mid-calf socks are no slouch, either).

Shop Cream Over the Calf

Our mid-calf variety should offer enough length and coverage, but trousers with a shorter inseam might call for the over the calf option. It ultimately comes down to comfort, but each pair is built with both stretch and reinforced fabric at key stress points (like the heel and toe).

Shop Cream Mid-Calf

Either way, cream wool socks are worthy of adding to your top drawer (at least, that’s what we think).

How Do I Style Cream Dress Socks?

Cream dress socks are also a bit of a style swerve from socks made from a darker color: Cream dress socks are naturally going to stand out more if you pair them with darker trousers, so we’re of the mind that your cream socks should typically be paired with lighter shades of beige, tan and khaki.

man crossing legs wearing cream dress socks and khaki chinos with brown suede penny loafers

The color is also light enough to work more than suitably with lightweight trousers for the summer months, particularly linen fabrics in shades of khaki or light tan. Yet, they also add a neutral flair to shades of light blue, olive or lavender. And if you’re feeling especially dashing, use these cream dress socks to offset dark brown or burgundy leather loafers alongside olive or khaki chinos.

man wearing cream dress socks with dark tan chinos and brown leather dress shoes

Cream wool socks are a more daring move than darker dress socks, so don’t be afraid to show them off slightly. Consider pairing them with a tobacco-colored chino and dark brown leather chukka boots or loafers, they can add some contrast for situations where (tasteful) personal expression is the goal.

The Last Word

Cream wool socks shouldn’t be overlooked as you build out the perfect rotation of socks for all occasions in your top drawer. Particularly in a functional, durable fabric like merino wool, the right pair of socks will prove breathable, comfortable and long-lasting. And two length options, either the longer Over the Calf option or a more streamlined Mid Calf variety, provide the customization, durable appeal and on-foot cushioning you need.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up a bit with loafers and a darker trouser, or else opt to wear your cream socks with trousers in the same light tan color family. In the spring or summer months or as the seasons change, cream dress socks are a worthy menswear move.

If you're also looking for something that is a little brighter and more of a true white, be sure to check out our white dress socks.

Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff

Our editorial staff is comprised of menswear experts dedicated to providing you with helpful information. Sharing everything from style tips to sock care instructions, these gentlemen are a wealth of knowledge for both our customers and the Boardroom Socks team.

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