by Carol James April 07, 2021

Boardroom Socks has plenty of unique designs and colorful socks from which men can choose to complete their business casual office attire. Gentlemen who opt for patterned pants like those with pinstripes or a plaid print may find that solid-colored Merino wool men’s dress socks coordinate perfectly with the rest of their outfits. Those who prefer to wear monochromatic outfits such as black oWearing high quality men’s dress socks is a simple and easy way to enhance any man’s business outfit, but it is important to do it the right way. A pair of socks can make all the difference in how a man walks into a room (quite literally), so Boardroom Socks put together this basic guide to help men complete business outfits with the right socks. Whether men are dressing for business casual, for formal events, or are working from home, knowing how to coordinate men’s dress socks with the rest of their outfits is sure to make any gentleman’s look a great way to do smart business attire for men.

Socks for Men’s Business Casual Attire

Business casual offers the most versatile way for men to dress in professional settings. Whether they are going into the office or meeting a colleague for a working lunch, smart casual attire is a universally agreed-upon clan black could add a bit of fun into their looks with a patterned dress sock like the pink dot on charcoal variety.

Completing A Business Outfit with the Right Socks

Men’s Socks for Formal Wear

While formal events and special occasions are few and far between these days, it doesn’t mean that there is not a need to dress the part. Certain events like ceremonies and special dinners require a more upscale look. It may be tempting, especially in the winter months, to grab the easiest pair of warm socks for men in a sock drawer, but the best socks for men for formal occasions are an easy find. Professional environments that call for formal outfits and attire are the perfect opportunity for men to wear high-quality, soft, silky-smooth Pima cotton men’s dress socks. Whether solid-colored or printed, these socks have a unique fit that slide right into men’s dress socks with no bunching around the toes or sagging around the ankles. Or step out with a pattern to pop the look.

Completing A Business Outfit with the Right Socks

Men’s Socks for Working from Home  

There is an old saying that goes, “Dress for the job you want.” In this day and age, although many people are working from home, dressing as if they were going into the office can be an effective way to boost productivity and improve morale. Keeping up with office-style appearances matters, even when your office is now inside the home. Men who dress well in their work from home (WFH) attire can often afford to be a bit more playful with prints and designs. Still, there is no need to sacrifice on fit, quality, or comfort. Men who want to maintain their sharp business casual aesthetic from their home offices may turn to American Flag Merino wool men’s dress socks, or a pair of bright purple Pima cotton over the calf dress socks to liven up an afternoon.

Completing A Business Outfit with the Right Socks

Whatever style they choose and wherever their working environment takes them, men who dress with Boardroom Socks can trust that they will receive high quality, excellent customer care, and long-lasting products when they shop with Made in the USA Boardroom Socks.

Carol James
Carol James

Co-Founder, Boardroom Socks

Carol and her husband, Mike, started Boardroom Socks in 2010. She serves as our CFO and keeps all of us in line! Outside of the office, she enjoys reading, gardening, traveling and exercising.

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