It wasn’t all that long ago that finding a pair of American made socks was as easy as heading to the nearest department store. But sometime between the late 90’s and early 2000’s, all that changed. Major hosiery brands began sending their sock manufacturing overseas to take advantage of lower labor costs.

That’s all well and good for the companies making extra profits — but what about the hard working folks who relied on having top quality dress socks for their workdays, and the people who made those socks right here in the United States?

knitting mill producing American made dress socks for men

Our co-founder and resident “yarnologist” Mike James noticed this dip in quality almost right away. All of a sudden, he couldn’t find the durable, comfortable, well-made American dress socks that he’d been wearing for decades.

Rather than let that be the end of the story, Mike set out to leverage his experience in the textile industry to start a true family business, designing the first prototypes of Boardroom Socks out of the attic in their home in Greensboro, North Carolina.

The business has grown a good bit since then, and we’ve made sure to keep all of our production right here in North Carolina. And it’s because of our finely tuned combination of quality, variety, and fair prices that we really believe it when we say that Boardroom Socks are the best American made socks you’ll find.

You don’t just have to take our word for it, though. Let’s explore each of those core values in more detail so you can get a better sense of why you should have Boardroom Socks in your dresser drawer.

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Our reason for keeping production right here in the United States is twofold: To support the amazing multi-generational knitters that make ours the best dress socks you’ll ever wear, and to make sure that every pair of socks is made to exacting quality standards.

We do that by focusing on three elements in particular for our socks:

Premium Materials

Genuine merino wool and luxurious extra long-staple cotton don’t come cheap, but that’s for a very good reason — they’re some of nature’s softest, most comfortable materials. We source only the highest quality cotton and wool for our knitters to work with, guaranteeing that every pair of Boardroom Socks will keep your feet dry and comfortable. And since they’re made with higher quality materials, each pair of our socks can stand up to frequent laundering much better than competitors who have opted for cheaper cotton and synthetics.

inspecting Boardroom Socks' American made dress socks

Reinforced Construction

Two areas wear out fastest in a pair of socks: The heel and the toe. So it stands to reason that if you want a pair of socks to last as long as possible, you need to add a little extra care and attention to those areas.

So why doesn’t every sock come with this reinforced construction? Because aside from being much more expensive, it’s also a pain in the rear to do it right on a large scale! But we’re not in the business of cutting corners here at Boardroom Socks, so each pair of our dress socks is double-reinforced at the heel and toe for extra longevity and durability.

Specialized Spandex

The last thing you want from a pair of over-the-calf socks is to have them falling down all day long. We put the extra investment into a specialized high-strength spandex to make sure this isn’t the case, keeping your socks in place all day long.


All the quality in the world will hardly matter if you don’t like how a pair of socks looks or feels, though. So to complement our attention to detail on how we craft our socks, we also offer a wide selection of options to suit your unique style.


You really can’t go wrong with either long staple cotton or merino wool, but guys tend to have a strong preference for one or the other. All of our over-the-calf and mid-calf socks come in your choice of either merino wool or cotton, so you can choose the sock that makes your feet the happiest.


With options for over-the-calf, mid-calf, and no-show socks, we have all your dress sock needs covered. Not sure which length you really need to match your wardrobe? Check out our guide to dress sock length for a full explanation of how to choose the right kind.

Colors and Patterns

And to round things out, we make a full rainbow of color options to suit every taste and style. That includes both solid colors and patterns, in either merino wool or cotton. Keep your outfits classic with black, navy blue, and khaki dress socks — or add a splash of color with purple, teal, stripes, dots, and more.

Fair Prices

With all of this time and attention put into making every pair of Boardroom Socks, you might expect them to put a serious pinch on your wallet. But we’re just as committed to fair pricing for durable socks as we are continuing to make them right here in North Carolina — which is why we offer free shipping and returns on all of our US orders. That’ll save you a few bucks each time you need to replace or refresh your sock drawer.

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In Conclusion: Thank You For Buying US Made Socks

It’s easy in our age of convenience to overlook the impact that your dollars can have every time you buy something as simple as a pair of socks. So whether you came here for the quality, the selection, or the fair pricing, we want to extend a heartfelt thank you for continuing to support the work of American knitters. And we hope that when you put on your next pair of Boardroom Socks, you’ll remember a little bit of the heart and soul that goes into crafting the best American made socks around.

anatomy of American made socks infographic

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Editorial Staff

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