If you're familiar with Boardroom Socks, you know that we are passionate about high quality goods manufactured here in the United States. When we launched Boardroom Socks in 2010, it was with a commitment that every pair of our socks would be crafted in the USA. Given the prevalence of imported apparel in today's retail environment, it can be very difficult to find men's clothing that is Made in the USA. To assist gentlemen like you, we have put together this buyer's guide to high quality, American-made menswear.

Undershirts & Underwear

Made in USA Undershirt
A classic men's undershirt by RibbedTee (Los Angeles, CA)


Regardless of your choice for the day's outerwear, the first garments to be put on are undershirts and underwear. RibbedTee is a California-based manufacturer of men's undergarments, producing their apparel in Los Angeles. They are committed to quality and innovative design to keep you comfortable throughout the day. You can learn more about their undergarment expertise here: difference between t-shirt and undershirt.

Dress Shirts

American-Made Dress ShirtA checkered dress shirt by Gitman Bros. (Ashland, PA)


Gitman Brothers traces their roots back to the 1930's as an Ashland, PA-based manufacturer of men's dress shirts. They are one of the few remaining shirt makers with a supply chain exclusive to the United States. Their collection includes classic shirts, sports shirts and made-to-order garments. You can visit Gitman Brothers by clicking here.


American-Made Khaki Trousers
Khaki trousers by Bills Khakis (Made in USA)


Khakis are a men's apparel staple, particularly here in the southern United States. The origins of khakis are most closely associated with the British military, whose colonial soldiers sported the color to blend in with the tan environment of south Asia. Bills Khakis was created in the 1980's after its founder was inspired by WWII era khaki military uniforms. Their khaki trousers are crafted in the United States, with a full collection of colors and styles.

Todd Shelton American-Made Trousers
100% wool trousers from Todd Shelton (East Rutherford, NJ)


Beyond khakis, another great option for American-made trousers is East Rutherford, NJ-based brand Todd Shelton. Located in the Meadowlands of New Jersey, Todd Shelton is fully committed to US manufacturing and offers a line of 100% wool trousers in classic menswear colors.


Denim Made in the USA
A pair of blue jeans from Raleigh denim, woven from American cotton (Raleigh, NC)


Whether the occasion is weekend wear or business casual days at the office, quality denim has become a key component for the contemporary gentleman's wardrobe. Raleigh Denim is a fellow North Carolina-based denim manufacturer, producing high quality denim products out of their Raleigh workshop.

Suits, Blazers & Sport Coats

American-Made Sport CoatA Hardwick sport coat, still American-made 135+ years later (Cleveland, TN)


Custom suit brands have emerged in great numbers over the past several years, yet the great majority of them manufacture their goods overseas. Hardwick has a long-standing tradition (since July of 1880) of crafting quality suits, blazers and sport coats in Cleveland, TN.


Belts Made in the USA
A leather belt by Moonshine Leather Co. (Nashville, IN)


Moonshine Leather Co. is an Indiana-based manufacturer of leather goods, specializing in a variety of belts, wallets and bags. With a firm commitment to American manufacturing and quality (they will repair their products free of charge), they're a great option for belts and leather goods. You can visit Moonshine Leather Co. by clicking here.

Neckties & Bowties

Made in USA Necktie
A striped necktie by R. Hanauer (Rock Hill, SC)


A sharp tie or pocket square can go a long way in tying together a man's outfit; they're also a great way to express personality. Like our business, R. Hanauer is a Carolina-based family business. The father and son team manufacture their neckwear in Fort Mill, SC, just south of Charlotte, NC. Their full collection includes neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, cummerbund sets, and other men's accessories. You can visit R. Hanauer by clicking here.


Made in USA Dress ShoesA pair of cap toe Alden shoes (Middleborough, MA)


Fortunately, there are several longstanding and reputable American manufacturers of men's shoes. Some of our favorite brands include Allen Edmonds and Alden. Allen Edmonds shoes are crafted in Port Washington, Wisconsin and are the shoes seen in many of the photographs on our website. (Note that some of Allen Edmonds' shoes are crafted in Italy.) Alden, renowned for classic style and high quality, has a cult-like following in menswear. Founded in Middleborough, MA in 1884, the company still produces their shoes in New England.


Dress Socks Made in the USA
Two pairs of our navy merino wool socks (North Carolina, USA)


I think you can guess what our recommendation will be in this category! Boardroom Socks was founded in 2010 in part to help counteract the loss of hosiery manufacturing jobs in our home state of North Carolina. Our family business is built on seven generations of textile tradition, tracing all the way back to 1837 when our family's original fabric mill was opened. Every pair of our dress socks are proudly manufactured right here in North Carolina by second and third generation craftsmen. You can shop our selection of men's dress socks by clicking here.

If you're interested in discovering more companies that manufacture their goods here in the USA, check out All American Reviews. They're a great resource!

Are we missing any of your favorite American-made brands? Please let us know in the comments below! 

Nathan James
Nathan James

CEO, Boardroom Socks

Nathan's favorite dress socks are our burgundy merino wool socks. You will also frequently find him wearing our no-show socks. Outside of the office he enjoys fishing, reading and exploring Charlotte with his wife, son and Golden Retriever.

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