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Style and Fit Guide

Luxury Men's Dress Socks

The Boardroom Look

Our socks are designed for the consummate professional, a man who appreciates timeless style while demanding the utmost in comfort and quality. Our objective is to help our clients project an image that reflects professionalism and experience. Boardroom Socks are quickly becoming the hosiery of choice for gentlemen in law offices, hospitals, boardrooms and banks from New York to Los Angeles.

Mid Calf or Over the Calf?

This is a question that garners some debate within the world of men's fashion. An exposed leg is thought of as a faux pas, making the length of your sock very important. If the day's agenda involves presentations, client visits or high level meetings, an over the calf sock is best. As your pants ride up when you cross your legs or are seated, the over the calf length will ensure consistent coverage of your legs. At the end of the day, your comfort and personal preference are ultimately the determining factors.

What Color Sock Should I Wear?

With a focus on business-appropriate fashion, our designers recommend the following color combinations:

Dark Navy or Midnight Navy Trousers:

Pair your navy trousers with midnight navy or black Boardroom Socks, and either black or brown shoes. For those seeking a more contemporary look, one of our navy Patterned Socks with light brown shoes has proven to be a very sharp look when sporting navy trousers. To add a splash of color, pair your navy pants with a pair of Tweeds from our Weekender Collection.

Midnight Navy Merino Dress Sock

Charcoal Trousers:

Your charcoal, midnight navy, mid grey heather and black Boardroom Socks will all go well with charcoal trousers. A charcoal suit, grey heather pin dots from our Patterned Collection, and a pair of black shoes is quite dapper.

Mid Grey Dress Sock

Black Trousers:

Our designers recommend coupling black Boardroom Socks with your black trousers for a well-matched ensemble. During the coldest months of the year, warm up with a pair of black over the calf socks from our Merino Wool Collection.

Black Merino Wool Dress Sock

Blue Jeans:

Ah, the weekend is here and the jeans are on. The new Weekender Collection is a perfect fit with denim. When reaching into your sock drawer, you can also grab a pair of midnight navy, dark brown, khaki or mid grey heather socks. This look works well with loafers, boat shoes, or even a dress shoe.

Casual Dress Socks

Khaki Trousers:

Two excellent hosiery choices when wearing khakis are khaki socks from the Pima Collection or a pair of dark browns from the Merino Wool Collection. Brown shoes are the recommended footwear with your khaki trousers.

Khaki Dress Socks