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Frequently Asked Questions

Pinstripe Men's Dress Socks

Shipping Policy:
All orders from the US or from US territories receive free shipping! Some orders ship out the same day they are received, all other orders typically ship the next business day. Our standard shipping is USPS First Class, and you will be emailed a tracking number after shipment. Currently, we do not ship outside of the United States and US territories.

Return Policy:
Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We work hard to make sure our suppliers and manufacturers provide you with the best socks possible. If you are unhappy with your socks or believe that they may be defective, please contact us so that we have an opportunity to rectify the issue. Returns are accepted within 30 days of purchase for socks that have not been worn. For all return shipments, please ship via USPS and include the packing slip that came with your order. Please note that shipping costs are not reimbursed.

Return Address:
Boardroom Socks, Inc.
PO Box 4805
Greensboro, NC 27404


What if my shoe size is below or above your 8-12 range?
Our socks are knit to National Hosiery Manufacturer Association standards. As with most US manufacturers, our socks are knit to a size 8 but have stretch nylon which allows them to comfortably fit someone who wears up to a size 12 shoe. If you wear a size 13 shoe or larger you should be searching for King Size socks, which we do not sell at this time. If you wear a size 7.5, you will probably find the socks a tad roomy.

How can I tell my blacks socks from my midnight navy socks?
In bright light (fluorescent light works very well) take the socks in question and put something grey in between them. Grey is a neutral color so it will bring out the color in the other socks. If one sock is navy, the coloration will become more prominent and you should be able to notice that it is lighter than the black sock.

How can I tell my merino wool socks from my Peruvian pima socks?
Hold the socks up to a bright light. If the socks look a little fuzzy around the edge, they are wool. Cotton socks tend to maintain a very smooth look over time and will also feel slightly smoother than their wool counterparts. The mercerized pima sock will appear shinier and feel almost slick when compared to other pima socks or to wool socks.

How should I care for my Boardroom Socks? 
To ensure longevity, avoid washing your Boardroom Socks with stiff, rough fabrics like denim. The rubbing of jeans on socks may degrade the strength and color of the fibers. Most importantly, never wash your socks with towels or other fabrics that have lint. Always wash like colors together.

What temperature should I use to wash my socks?
Warm water is best. Although the socks will not shrink, hot water is hard on sock fibers and colors.

Should I use bleach when I wash my socks?
Never bleach your Boardroom Socks!

Is the Boardroom Socks logo permanent?
No, the logo is a temporary design stamped onto the arch of the foot and it usually comes off after a couple of washes. Occasionally the stamp is not perfectly applied to the sock, as it may be slightly wrinkled during the application process. With this being said, remember that it is only a temporary design and will disappear quickly with normal wear.

How do I remove the folded piece of cardboard holding my socks together?
This is known as the rider, and we use either a stretch staple or piece of thread to attach it to your pair of socks. On the front of the rider, place a pair of scissors or small knife under the thread and then gently cut the thread. The rider will pop right off. Do not attempt to yank off the rider, as it may place a hole in the socks.

When the socks arrived they looked like they had been ironed into a shape. The shape went away when they were washed. Is this a problem?
Not at all. The ironed shape occurs during the boarding process at the finishing stage of manufacturing. After being washed, the socks will lose the ironed look, revert to the knitted shape and then stretch out as necessary to fit your foot when you put them on.

Will my socks bleed their color in the washer?
No, your Boardroom Socks will not bleed their color in the washer.

How do I remove dog hair and lint from my socks?
A lint brush does a good job of removing dog hair and other small bits of lint from your socks.

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