Welcome to the Boardroom

We are a small, family-owned company and we proudly produce each pair of our socks in North Carolina. Our mission is to offer you high-quality socks made with premium materials at an unparalleled value.

Watch the above video to meet our team and get a behind-the-scenes glimpse of how our socks are made.

Our Values

American Manufacturing
Every pair of Boardroom Socks is crafted in North Carolina, where American textile traditions run deep. Our local team has generations of expertise, honed to provide you with the best dress socks. Our commitment to American manufacturing doesn't end with our socks. From shipping boxes and labels to paper and packaging, we do everything that we can to partner with local small businesses.

Committed to Quality
From the yarns that we use to the meticulous design of our socks, our commitment to quality traces all the way through the production process. Finally, each pair of socks is hand-inspected before being shipped to your door. We're committed to delivering premium quality and always stand behind our products.

Family Owned & Operated
Mike and Carol James are the husband and wife team that started Boardroom Socks, working alongside their youngest son, Nathan. We are honored and humbled to be able to carry on our longstanding family tradition while supporting local textile manufacturing.

Meet the Boardroom Socks Team

Nathan James


Bio: Nathan's experience is in sales and digital marketing, fields he has been involved in since launching a textbook business out of his college dorm room. He has always wanted to be involved in the family textile legacy and is humbled to be the seventh generation of our family in the industry. Nathan primarily handles the digital side of the business.

Favorite Sock: Burgundy Wool Over the Calf

Carol James

Co-Founder & CFO

Bio: Carol has worked for years in the family's yarn businesses, primarily managing finances and all accounting functions. In addition to managing the finances of Boardroom Socks, she is heavily involved in the manufacturing side of the business. Carol also has a knack for designing socks, including some of our best-sellers!

Favorite Sock: Pink Square Knot on Charcoal Wool Over the Calf

Mike James

Co-Founder & "Yarnologist"

Bio: Affectionately known as the "yarnologist," Mike has over 40 years of experience buying and selling yarn all over the world. Initially he started Boardroom Socks with Carol, his wife, to provide classic, American-made dress socks for he and his friends; the business grew from there. Mike advises us on all aspects of yarn and hosiery knitting.

Favorite Sock: Khaki Wool Over the Calf

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