by Carol James August 19, 2020

Brown men’s dress shoes are an essential for every man’s wardrobe. Neutral and versatile, brown shoes easily pair with a variety of different colored men’s dress socks. They work with solids, patterns, textures, and more. Brown shoes offer men the chance to play with style while remaining sophisticated and sharp.

Light Brown Shoes with Dark Colored Socks

Not every pair of brown men’s dress shoes are the same. Lighter colored men’s dress shoes like camel-colored or soft brown shoes can be great for semi-formal, almost casual occasions. When combined with dark colored socks, light brown shoes can make a real statement and present unique contrast against any pair of trousers, jeans, or slacks. Coordinate your light brown socks with anything from a simple solid colored sock to trendy patterned socks and you’ll be well on your way to a fashion-forward outfit.


Light Brown Shoes with Light Colored Socks

If you’re looking for a more monochromatic, single-hue look, pairing light brown shoes with lighter colored socks is the way to go.  Keep your coloring simple and straightforward. Beiges, tans, and soft browns go well with light brown shoes. Add in a pair of khaki pants and a patterned sports jacket in plaid and you’ll have an outfit that’s sure to “wow” in any situation.

Light Brown Shoes with Light Grey Socks

Grey socks are a great way to add some variety to your already neutral color palette. Mix in grey socks with light brown shoes and you’ll be able to work in plenty of different colored shirts, jackets, and ties. Smart accessorizing is what men’s fashion is all about. Light grey socks work with light brown shoes with strategic pattern, texture, and material consideration. Think about all of these elements and you’ll have a winning outfit for any man.


Dark Brown Shoes with Blue Socks

Dark brown and a strong blue are two of the most masculine colors around. Dark brown shoes go well with everything from a pair of nice blue jeans to a beautifully tailored pair of dress pants. Coordinate rich brown dress shoes with everything from light colored solid blue socks or dark colored patterned blue socks. Royal blue socks, navy socks, baby blue socks, or even bluish grey socks go well with dark brown shoes. Assemble your outfit from the bottom up and you’ll have all eyes on you when you enter the room.

Have Fun with Style for Men’s Accessories

Properly accessorizing any guy’s outfit is a great opportunity to add a unique flair to any look. Whether that’s a splash of color, a unique pattern, or a different texture, men’s socks can make all the difference. Kick start your way to high end, classy, top notch style by accessorizing with a pair of socks from none other than Boardroom Socks.

Carol James
Carol James

Co-Founder, Boardroom Socks

Carol and her husband, Mike, started Boardroom Socks in 2010. She serves as our CFO and keeps all of us in line! Outside of the office, she enjoys reading, gardening, traveling and exercising.

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