Improve Your Style with Patterned Wool Dress Socks

Socks are one of the few parts of a work outfit where individuals are allowed to fully express themselves. Sticking with something solid and simple is fine, but for those who want to switch it up, why not try a pair of patterned wool dress socks? Attention-grabbing in the most appropriate of ways, socks are a subtle and easy way to personalize any outfit. If you like to be unconventional but would rather do so in an understated manner, a pair of high-quality patterned socks is just what you need.

The Rules of Accessorizing

Dressing for work as well as many other settings, whether formal, social, or casual, is often more about keeping up with appearances than it is about expressing one’s true personality. Men typically abide by the rule of thumb to match their dress socks to the color of their slacks or dress pants. While this rule of thumb will surely prevent any unwanted stares or questioning faces, it won’t earn any points for style.

Feeling good about how you look is one of the most direct ways to raise confidence levels and even change how others perceive you. People who feel better about their appearances tend to exude confidence through their body language, leading those around them to take note and act accordingly. Just a simple change to one’s wardrobe, like adding a pair of patterned socks that they love, can make all the difference.  

Simple Patterned Sock Rules to Keep in Mind

There are several factors to consider when choosing patterned socks to go with your outfit. What color are your shoes and pants? What color is your shirt or suit, and are they patterned or solid? One obvious option for pairing patterned socks with the rest of your outfit is to match the color of your pants with the color of the socks. With patterns ranging from polka dots to stripes in all colors from pastels to earthly tones, this is a fun yet subtle way to express your personality.

If, however, you would like to mix things up, consider socks that are a different color from your shoes. This widens your options immensely and can really make an entire outfit pop. A good guideline is to stick to the same tonal palette – for instance, if your outfit is charcoal, you may want to consider grey hued socks. The patterns are where you can really allow yourself to run as wild as your imagination takes you!

If you have a pair of untouched socks that have been sitting in your drawer, think about how you can coordinate them with the shoes you already have in your closet. For example, if you have a pair of navy socks with orange-brown flecks, try pairing them with vintage brown shoes to highlight the details.

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